in solo


(Mazagran, CD, 2023)

tracks "Giochi I.3" and "Guancie V.1"

RDW - hohner pianet t, fender rhodes mkII, modular synths and electronics. All music composer and performed by riccardo dillon wanke. Recorded in lisbon between july and september 2022. Mixed by riccardo dillon wanke. Mastered by giuseppe ielasi. Drawings by riccardo dillon wanke. Produced by riccardo dillon wanke. Published on february 23rd

Oxidation States

(Glistening Examples, CD, 2015)

excerpt from "seven buildings" and "beijing"

RDW - Harmonium, Organ, Piano, Synthesizers, Electronics, Cymbals and Objects. All tracks by RDW. Recorded between Lisbon and Hamburg on 2013 and 2014. Mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi on 2015. Field recordings from Portugal and Guatemala. Beijing is dedicated to Phill Niblock. Photo and artwork by Pedro Tropa.


(Three-Four, LP, 2015)

excerpt from "dust" and "fast tears"

RDW - Prepared guitar and zither, drums, piano, analog synth, electronics and voice. All tracks by RDW. Recorded between Lisbon and Hamburg on 2013. Mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi on 2014. "La puerta condenada" takes inspiration from Julio Cortazar's short story. Cover Photo by Francesco Dillon and drawings on vinyl labels by Luca DiPierro.

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To R.S.

(Sedimental, CD, 2010)

excerpt from "finale"

RDW - Electric guitar, bass and electronics. All tracks by RDW. Recorded in Lisbon between 2007 and 2008. Piano excerpt from Schumann's concert sans orchestre Op.14 recorded at Fabrica Braço da Prata, Lisbon. Mastered by Bernardo Devlin on 2009.

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Repetita Iuvant

(DW1-09, CD-R, 2009)

RDW - Electric guitar. Recorde live at Villa Romana, Florence on October 3rd, 2009. Mastered in Lisbon on 2009. Thanks to Angelika Stepken and Francesco Dillon. (Ltd. 100 copies).


(Sedimental, CD, 2008)

excerpt from "caves"

RDW - Electric and acoustic guitars, saxophones and natural sounds. All tracks by RDW. Recorded in Lisbon on 2006. Mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi in Milan on 2007.

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personal projects

Amuleto - Acre

(Eilean, CD, 2018)
with Francesco Dillon

Amuleto - Miszteriumok

(Three-Four, 2LP, 2018)
with Francesco Dillon

Amuleto - No Para Siempre En La Tierra, Solo Un Poco Aquí

(Mazagran, 2CD, 2015)
with Francesco Dillon

Dru - L'aiguille du dru

(Headlights, CD, 2010)
with David Maranha and Manuel Mota

Amuleto - 11h15 Local weather forecast

(Die Schachtel, CD, 2010)
with Francesco Dillon

Medves - s/t

(Fringes, LP, 2004)
with Giuseppe Ielasi, Stefano Pilia, Renato Rinaldi, Andrea Belfi

collaborations / compilations

Rafael Toral - Constellation In Still Time

(Room40, CD, 2019)
RDW - Fender Rhodes

Rafael Toral - Moon Field

(Room40, CD, 2017)
RDW - electric piano

Anthology of Underground Music vol.37

(The Wire Tapper, 04/2015)
RDW's track "Gallos Blancos" has been included in The Wire Magazine #374 (April 2015 issue) within the Tapper release "Anthology of Underground Music Vol. 37".

AA.VV. The Marvellous Transatlantic

(Apice, MX, 2013)
RDW - guitar and electronics on track#4

Rafael Toral - Space Collective 3 Live at Outfest

(Medusa, cass, 2011)
RDW - rhodes piano, Afonso Simôes - Drums, Percussions, Rafael Toral - electrode oscillator, modified MS-2, pocket amplifier, feedback, modified MT-10. Recorded Live at OutFest, Teatro Municipal do Barreiro, October 14, 2010.

Rafael Toral - Space Element Vol.III

(Staubgold/Taiga, CD/LP, 2011)
RDW - rhodes piano on tracks 2, 7 and 8

David Maranha - Antarctica

(Roaratorio, LP, 2010)
RDW - electric guitar, David Maranha - violin, organ, João Milagre - bass, Stefano Pilia - bass, Patricia Machas - tambourine, Afonso Simôes - Drums.